Luis Berros

My Uncle SAM... /  Now part of a private collection.

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Artist Statement

In my work I attempt to capture the moment where one point of view finds its opposite and discovers compliments, and indeed, a completeness, that was absent just a moment before. I have a true love for the expressive opportunity afforded by the careful composition of color, as well as the technique we as artists use to create our illusion. Like most artists the themes of my work are highly personal and often reveal a nuanced commentary that surprises even me at times. Again, my role is to document the collision, and often I am traveling at high speed towards something I recognize as myself. As the moment of discovery approaches, I am sometimes afraid, but always committed. The materials and the craftsmanship I use in my work are there to provide the integrity and honesty the conflict requires. The same tools and materials used to create and destroy. The same tools and materials used to speak and to bring silence.